Battling for the Soul of America


"What an exhilarating night, watching as America sent a message to the President and the Democratic Party declaring their displeasure at being disrespected as individuals, their religious rights, and being spun-around continuously by an administration and left-wing pundits intent on pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people."

Rabbi Spero

  • Governors Can Rescue America from Obama’s Illegal Executive Orders

    Barack Obama may pay lip service to working with Republicans, but we know he’ll ultimately ram-rod to implement policies he hopes will transform America, actually damage her. Mr. Obama came to America with a chip on his shoulder, and that… Continue Reading → Read More »
  • The Pope Would Benefit Seeing American Capitalism

    Last week Congressman Paul Ryan welcomed Pope Francis’reported criticism of capitalism as “triggering the exact dialogue we should be having.” So, let’s begin. Unlike theologic abstractions that remain fixed irrespective of geography, the understanding of monetary issues is often colored… Continue Reading → Read More »
  • What the Bible Says About Immigration

    Some in religious circles are invoking the Biblical verse “Thou shalt not afflict the stranger” as justification for awarding illegal immigrants a full basket of on-going social services, as well as a “fast track to citizenship”, which others believe is… Continue Reading → Read More »


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