Obama’s Jewish Enablers

Normally when the UN Security Council passes a resolution, a vote is taken and the result recorded. And that’s the end of it.

But something unusual happened after the Security Council voted to declare Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria as Arab/Islamic land: The representatives of the nations that voted for the resolution gave themselves a standing ovation.

They clapped not so much for what they gave to the Palestinians, but for declaring the Jewish tie to the Old City of Jerusalem as illegitimate and Israel’s attachment to the Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria as illegal. It was a celebration against the history of the Jewish people and their covenant to the Holy Land. And it was an act of antisemitism.

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That President Obama coordinated this stab in the back of Israel is not surprising. Yet Obama’s brazenness and confidence in being able to treacherously betray Israel did not arise out of a vacuum. It arose out of a knowledge, culled during his last eight years in office, that Democrats and many American Jews would not criticize him or come to Israel’s defense.

The deal that Obama made with Iran was made possible by the consent of the many Jewish senators who had the ability to stop this dreadful potential Holocaust by simply voting against the measure. They did not. Even Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he would not derail the Iran deal.

Many Jewish senators — be it Boxer, Feinstein, Franken, Sanders — seem to support Israel only in the breach. We hear of their love and concern for Israel only when they are announcing their criticism of or vote against an Israeli request.

Obama has his own deep-seated hostility toward Israel that propels him to mistreat the Jewish state. But his job has been made easier by Jews in his administration, who gave him the Green Light to continually make Israel the heavy: Ben Rhodes, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod. Wendy Sherman was his chief negotiator for the Iran Deal, and Jack Lew was a chief adviser and, later, the secretary of the treasury who figured out how to release billions to the mullahs of Iran while convincing the Jewish community that “the deal with Iran was in the best interest of Israel.”

The recent UN vote took place on the eve of Hanukkah. Then, like today, there were Hellenized Jews who collaborated with powers outside Judea to diminish Israel’s strength and sovereignty and bring it under a cosmopolitan New World Order. In the days of the Maccabees, these renegade Jews were scornfully identified for their betrayal, endangerment and disloyalty. Today, I’m afraid, they will be the honored guests and key note speakers at all too many of the annual dinners of leading American Jewish organizations.

[Originally published in The Algemeiner, January 9, 2017]

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Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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