New York Times Muddles Supreme Court Issue

New York Times headline reads: BUSH PICKS JUDGE SAM ALITO TO TAKE O’CONNOR’S SEAT. We wonder: 1.Where’s he taking it? 2. Did O’Connor buy the seat? The New York Times, the flagship of the liberal propaganda machine, has decided to falsely frame the issue as if the seat belonged to Justice O’Connor – a so-called moderate – and therefore consideration must be given to her personal judicial views. In fact, it is not “her” seat. It is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The purpose of the Court is to interpret the Constitution properly, not to satisfy the agenda of Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and cohorts. If there is any political element in filling a vacancy on the Court, it is for the President to do the will of the People. The People elected the President because he promised to fill the Court with judges who reflect mainstream America – which is conservative and believes in the inspired legal words of the Founding Fathers. Filling the Court with a Justice reflective of the views of the electorate in 2004 is called Democracy. Chuck Schumer and friends have long abandoned the notion of democracy for the imposition of their agenda on the American people. But the American people neither live like nor believe as do the liberal elitists. It is the liberal elitists who are not mainstream.

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Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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