Rabbi Spero’s Thought for the Week

It has become apparent that the Republican establishment and "the elites" do not care about our deep concerns and often don't even share our values and vision for the country.

They have been using us these many years to supply them with votes, donations, and our energy for their re-elections. They seem to have shaped the Republican Party into a private club for their career and financial goals.

But the Republican Party should never be allowed to become a a private club...it belongs to us. Those we elect are but stewards to the constituency.

We must take back our Party, for the sake of our country. Donald Trump's election came about precisely because of this need. In the coming weeks many in the party establishment will try to stand in the way of President Trump's goals. In effect, that would nullify our votes.

Let us stand behind President Trump when he encounters resistance from the Republican establishment, and the usual list of suspects.

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