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Bill Kristol @BillKristol  “Not presumably forever; not perhaps for a day after Nov. 3, 2020; not on every issue or in every way until then. But for the time being one has to say: We are all Democrats now.
Caucus For America president Rabbi Aryeh Spero has responded:
“So Kristol is now identifying with and preferring the Democrat Party, which promotes the dangerous socialist dystopia, 120 congressional members who endorse CAIR, is trending in an anti-Israel trajectory, refuses to condemn anti-Semitism in and of itself, and violated all the bedrock laws of due process in order to nullify the will of the electorate.
“Perhaps he has a good mind, but he lacks character, and he has used this good mind for the last three years to damage severely our institutions, America itself, and has been a major engine in putting this country through Hell. Good minds are a dime a dozen, but are frightening when used to scheme and plot destruction. Kristol never knew when to stop the destruction he was causing this country.
“He originally accused Trump almost four years ago of not being conservative or pro-Israel. Trump has proven to be the most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish President we have ever seen and has implemented and espoused conservatism against greater odds than were faced even by Ronald Reagan.  Kristol has not been man enough or decent enough to admit that his prognostications about Trump have been shown to be wrong.
“When it became apparent almost four years ago that Kristol and his circle would not have influence nor be advisors to Donald Trump they turned against him like a woman scorned. But Trump was right to eschew their advice inasmuch as so much that Kristol & Co. had pushed over the years was disastrous, drained the Treasury, and put too many American lives in jeopardy and too many American jobs in the ash heap. Trump had a better vision for America than did Kristol & Co.
“Kristol and his allies are not the first people to have lost a job or a position in life. But he picked up his marbles and decided to work against our elected President, against the Republican Party, and demonstrated that his own ego and his own ambitions and self-regard were more important than continuity, our institutions, and any semblance of loyalty to those of us who have worked so hard for decades for the institution of Republican and conservative ideals.  He did not originate the coup, but he has fueled those in positions of power to continue the coup and has undermined that which is more important than he: America and the American people.
“He is a spoiled sport, selfish, and self-centered.   He has also aligned himself with some unsavory people who none of us would have found acceptable.  I suspect that, like many in his circle, he simply could not allow himself to be associated with someone he considers below his “respectability” standards. Such vanity!  Besides, let it be said that Trump actually represents some of the greatest characteristics of those things in life that truly matter: in true American fashion he says what he believes; he is forthright; and he believes in protecting people under his responsibility.  And he loves this country — and puts its people first.  He has an intuitive gut feeling of what works and what will not work that is extraordinary. It is a God given talent. That might not sell in the Georgetown crowd that Kristol admires, but it means something to me and a 100 million other people.
“President Trump did the miraculous by taking the “country club” Republicans and turning our Party truly into the party of the average American, the average patriot, and the people who love America with all their fiber.  In contrast, Kristol belongs with the rest of the elitists, most of whom today are found in the Democrat Party.
“I hope that he and Max Boot, David Frum, Jennifer Rubin and the other turncoats never come back to the Republican Party. All four have demonstrated over the last few years a nastiness, pettiness, disregard for former colleagues and the American people; as well as egos that negate any book learning they may have. Countries are neither built nor sustained by such self-centered, fair-weather players.”
Rabbi Aryeh Spero