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Rabbi Spero released the following statement on February 4, 2020 regarding President Trump’s State of the Union Speech:


“Tonight President Trump again demonstrated his love for the American people and the American Ideal.

“With great courage, and unfazed by protests from the Opposition, the President declared the necessity that our borders serve as a sanctuary to protect the American people. He said the things that others are afraid to pronounce because his first consideration is always the protection and welfare of the American people.

“The hour and a half address was an extravaganza of American patriotism and sacrifice. It was moving, inspirational, encouraging, and truthful.

“It has been a delight and a privilege to be an American during the Trump Era. The President has a leadership fortitude and a vision for opportunity and grandeur that has been unmatched during our lifetime.

“Unfortunately, while the President lauded America’s comeback and the sacrifices of so many Americans, the Democrats, in a display of sophomoric partisanship, were unable to act statesman-like. For them America is subservient to the more important goal of Democrat control.   While the President was saying ‘God bless America,’ Nancy Pelosi publicly, in front of the nation, tore up the President’s speech. Her juvenile and vindictive hissy-fit is unbecoming a high official. Nonetheless, tonight President Trump gave America an uplifting booster shot.

“May the Trump Era continue.”


Parts of the President’s SOTU speech are in the video below: