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We are soon celebrating the holiday of Passover and its sister-celebration of Easter. Passover represents the idea of liberty and nationhood. Easter demonstrates salvation. The original Easter took place within the days of the Passover holiday. Like Easter with its promise of salvation, Passover focuses on redemption: personal salvation and national redemption.


The fate of one’s personal salvation often depends on a nation redeemed from the bondage of evil and impurity. Liberty is the foundation for true nationhood, national redemption, and personal salvation. We need to freely choose salvation and we need liberty to make exalted nationhood and redemption possible.


These holidays take place in the burgeoning and expanding light of spring. Liberty and redemption sprout freshness. It is our duty to resist and reject the forces of darkness at work today that would snuff out our liberty, deprive us of nationhood and redemption from that which is impure. We all need a savior from above while being for ourselves saviors here below. Saving the Judeo-Christian heritage is our duty today. We need to push back and stand against the forces of authoritarianism who wish to demolish this divine structure that has showered blessings upon our people and land, a super-structure that is born in revelation itself millennia ago.




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