Nationalizing One Thing Threatens Everything


To socialists, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is something to get around, not something to be honored– nor for deference. Socialism is an ideology that sees itself above all other sytems, and has little respect for the rules that have governed a country and civilization.

Socialists are missionaries and zealots for socialism. Of course, they couch their socialist agenda in terms palatable to the particular country and culture they wish to change, essentially eradicate. Socialism wants to control not only the economy but the culture and religion as well — indeed our very thinking and the details of our life. They want us to become the indistinguishable and homogenized Socialist Citizen, transferable to wherever socialism is enforced.

Many of the liberal clergy who applauded Obama for his redistributionist policies, seeing in it theirversion of what Jesus wants, should have realized that once you nationalize one thing, that thing becomes the vessel for socialists to remove any obstacles that stand in the way of their goals, including religion.

Socialists know that they must first demote the sway of our religious beliefs if they are to transform society. By making people, in the name of healthcare for example, act contrary to former religious ways of conduct, one eventually changes the thinking of people. Thinking follows conduct. After a while, the newly fashioned individual becomes less rooted in his religious beliefs and more amenable to the socialist way of looking at things.

We should have anticipated President Obama’s agenda regarding the dimunition of religion in public life after a Press Conference where he early-on refered to freedom of worship — as opposed to Freedom of Religion, as mentioned in the Bill of Rights and as we Americans have always characterized our special freedom.

For Obama, religion is to be contained within the four walls of a building for worship. But America has always said religious freedom extends beyond the church building and beyond worship. We practice and live by it outside as well, in Catholic hospitals, in our religious schools, and in many other religious instituttions. Obama’s Attorney General went so far as to demand that the definition of a minister be decided not by a church but his Executive Branch. For him, as a socialist and as is found in socialist countries, one can worship in church, but should drop his religious practice when he goes outside.

As citizens, in the socialist view, when outside the situation of worship and prayer, we must all think and do the same. And that same is determined by the Supreme Leader.  But such a belittling view of religion is not what the pioneeers had in mind when they first came to this new land and no President can loom larger than our Constitution. Nor does the Constitution give him powers to, on his own and by fiat, decide what businesses must buy or sell. We have a Constitution precisely to reign in the dictatorial tendencies that our Founders worried would one day arise. It seems it took 236 years for such a scenario to happen.

The irony in all this is that when it comes to Islam, Obama has endless respect and accords it much honor. Yet, he has no problem telling Catholics that they are to perform and pay for actions 100% against their religious faith.


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Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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