The Solution to Al Gore’s Overuse of Energy

As has been revealed, “Mr. Green”, Al Gore lives in a home in Nashville that consumes 20 times the energy than a normal home. Curious that the man decrying fuel use as the major contributor to global warming would absolve himself from the guilt he is foisting on the rest of us.

In response, Gore claimed that much of his energy consumption came from “acceptable” forms of energy. Forms of energy, of course, that he and the other high priests of global-warming prophecy have decided is OK. The same hypocrisy exists for Barbara Streisand and other holier-than-thou environmentalists who live in fuel devouring mansions and use fuel guzzling modes of private transportation.

Perhaps it’s time that these left-wing hypocrites were forced to live by that which they demand of others. Regarding taxes, they insist on a “progressive” tax rate where the rich pay a progressively higher tax rate that keeps escalating with each increment of additional income. So let’s do it to them regarding energy use. Let them pay progressively higher rates for electricity, no matter the source. Any kilowatt beyond normal home usage should be charged at a progressively higher escalating rate. As with taxes, they could call this “paying their fair share.”

Better yet, we need “redistribution of energy”, similar to what liberals demand regarding income. Perhaps, Gore and Streisand should be forced to forfeit their amount of allowable energy to those who don’t have enough energy. After all, they espouse across-the-board egalitarianism. They shouldn’t simply pay more, but relinquish portions of what they have and use. After all, “it’s only fair!”.

Naturally, this redistribution system and progressively-higher-cost system should apply only to those who continually advance these socialist theories. And certainly, it should apply only to those scare mongers, like Gore and Redford, who, in the name of environmentalism, stand in the way of oil exploration, clean coal use, and nuclear energy. It is their fanaticism that is causing our lack of plentiful and easy energy supply. They are the cause of the energy crisis.

Mr. Gore, in concert with other very wealthy environmentalists, justifies his overuse by saying he’s part of a “carbon trading program” where one buys an allowance of carbon excess from those who underuse their quotient of allowable carbon emission. But if one, like Gore, truly believes that carbon is going to destroy the planet and its inhabitants, then he is a sanctimonious hypocrite. Yes, I can pollute the environment, he’s saying, so long as I can pay for it. Limousine liberals. Don’t you love ’em — they sure do love themseves: more than the environment!

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Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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