Between the Two, Trump is the Moral Choice

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

There is a difference between the personal decision of choosing, for example, a spouse and that of selecting a leader for a nation. When selecting a leader, the primary focus should be on how that person’s leadership will effect the morality of the nation. Despite some of Trump’s personal and past peccadillos, his leadership will have good moral effects on the country. He will try to stem partial birth abortion and the liberal push for men to go into women’s and girl’s bathrooms thereby invading the privacy and dignity of our wives and daughters. He will fight the immoral threat by liberal government against Christian religious freedom and expression, and he will blunt Iran from committing a new Holocaust against the Jews of the Jewish state, Israel.

On the other hand, the immoral effects of a Clinton administration will be (1) heightened abortion, (2) politicized transgender bathroom and locker-room activism that invades the wholesomeness and modesty of women, (3) the teaching of a socialist agenda in our schools and more Common Core, (4) the stifling of Christian expression and practice in the public domain and (5) the continuation of the Iran offensive ( a “Deal” she boasts of having begun) targeting the Jews in Israel for annihilation…and, of course, (6) the removal from Israel and Christendom, some of the holy places of Jerusalem into the hands of Islam. She will do (7) the immoral act of bringing into America tens of thousands of jihadists who at present are committing genocide against Christians across the globe and eventually will kill you and your families and establish ungodly shariah in many parts of our land.

Instead of indulging in what makes us feel that we are too pure to vote for someone who has not conducted himself as we would like, let us act with our head and select a man who will protect us and our way of life…allow us to continue our religious way of life. Self-defense, be it physical or practical, is an essential moral imperative we must choose. If elected she will usher in a downward moral climate.

She will label our speech on religious matters “hate speech” and criminalize the implementation of our values as wrong and an “affront” to “civil rights”…illegal. We will be forced to close our businesses or religious institutions. That is the goal of rabid leftism, socialism, and globalism…of which she is Queen. Many will be forced, as a first in American history, to deny their own religious conscience…if they want to earn a living. Liberty and freedom of speech are in jeopardy.

The Bible tells us to judge based on the present. Presently, Trump lives a life of a family man and wonderful father. Our children will see a man who loves his country and is willing to speak in its behalf and act with courage.

That is a good role model. And beyond doubt, who could ask for a better role model than our VP nominee, Mike Pence? Under Clinton, our children will see a political correctness and socialist model severely at odds with the aspirations and goals we want for our children.

Truth be told, Trump’s misdeed was showing on occasion a temporary lack of self- control. Nothing he did violated God’s nature. He was a man who liked women. Nothing terrible about that. He made a few passes. In previous times they didn’t call it “groping” but making a pass. When the woman refused his pass, he stopped. As was the case with millions of men who made a pass. No serial adultery, no rape, no lust for that which is against nature.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has corrupted our institutions, our lives, and lives by a greed for things she has not earned but belong to others (the U.S. assets and its people’s money), and has induced many to succumb to corruption, bribery, and intimidation. She is corrupting our very society in front of our eyes. She is obliterating the American ethic and robbing America of its historic virtue. This is not some personal and temporary lack of self-control as was the case with Trump, but a willful, premeditated corruption and greed, across the land, on a public, national level…infecting us all, a terrible role model for our children.

While the Bible understands occasional personal sin, it condemns as an abomination, as most grievous, that individual who causes other people to sin and leads them to corruption. It is Sin of biblical proportions…and it is ruinous of an entire society.

The Flood in the time of Noah came not because on occasion a man made a pass at a woman. It came ‘for the nations had instituted corruption and because the nations were dealing in sexual aberrations against nature and Gods scheme of nature’. These sexual aberrations will not be advanced under a Trump administration, whereas the liberals and Clinton boast and glorify the very championing of sexual aberrations and the redefinition of marriage, and the liberal sacrament of Molech…unlimited abortion.

Many of us utter a fib from time to time. Hillary Clinton, however, has made lying on a national scale a way of life. She lies about things that are too big for us to excuse, and does so in a serial, never-ending way. We cannot have a nation under a leadership that is built on lies. The very foundation of our beloved country, or any country, collapses when built upon lying as a way of life and governance.

She has demonstrated that instead of persuasion she uses severe intimidation and threats to silence those she opposes, be they women victimized by her husband or be they people of religious conscience loyal to our Constitution. Her mode of operation embodies practices that undermine a virtuous society. This is not a good role model for our children and we have the moral obligation to stop is while we still can.

We are now given a chance to save our nation and planet from the 25 years of national Clinton corruption. Let us, I pray, overlook the small potatoes in Trump personality and, instead, focus on the big issues of saving our civilization.

Saving ourselves and civilization is our moral imperative come this Tuesday, Nov. 8th.

[Originally published in Freedom Messenger, November 2016]

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Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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