Values Voter Presidential Debate Today

TODAY September 17 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. The Values Voter Presidential Debate held in Fort Lauderdale will be streamed live by the American Family Association.  Rabbi Aryeh Spero will be one of the panelists questioning the candidates.

What makes this debate different? The candidates will be asked questions related to abortion, immigration, marriage and other issues Values Voters consider important. If you want to see where they stand on the traditional, pro-family issues, don’t miss this debate.

The debate will be moderated by Joseph Farah who is the founder of the very popular website World Net Daily.  Live video or audio streaming can be found at


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Rabbi Spero, who also served as a pulpit rabbi, has been invited to inform policy-makers, candidates, and elected officials in the halls of Congress, and in the Executive, regarding the moral and religious dimensions of policies and legislation under consideration.

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