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Mission and Purpose

Caucus For America, founded by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the historic and unique American culture and civilization.  America's roots are found in the Judeo-Christian outlook bequeathed to us by our original pioneers and the Founding Fathers of our Constitution and our independence.

Caucus For America was the first prominent organization to make its focus the preservation of our unique American culture, and in urgent manner spread this message across this land to those Americans calling for this Historic Awakening.

How We Spread Our Message

Caucus for America spreads our message via tv appearances, radio interviews, published articles in print and online, a blog, social media, public speaking engagements, and influencing opinion makers, members of Congress, and those in the Executive.

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The Washington Project: We are informing Congress about the necessity to follow through with those positions that keep America strong and our unique culture intact.

The State Initiative: We are meeting with elected state officials to enhance citizen’s rights through local control and advising how to defeat politically-motivated lawsuits from the Left.

Project Media: The forceful projection of our message through radio and TV appearances, position papers and influential articles in print media nationwide — all aimed at expressing what constitutes our American civilization and how it must be preserved.

Our projects include:

Clarifying and fighting for what Americanism is.

Unmasking the true intentions and motivations of a cynical, elitist corps working to transform America into a variant of European secularism and socialism.

Bolstering the spirits of those beleaguered by blame-America-first political correctness and its never-ending attacks on beloved American institutions and traditions.


Would you like a dynamic speaker for your next event?

Rabbi Spero is available for speaking engagements and interviews.

To schedule an appearance, please call 212-252-6861 or email .

Push Back


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